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Lithium Heparin Tubes

Blood Collection Tube

Lithium Heparin Tubes - Blood Collection Tube. Lithium Heparin Tubes

Lithium Heparin Tubes (Blood Collection Tube)

These blood collection tubes are generally used for plasma tests in clinical chemistry. Lithium Heparin is a form of anticoagulant that prevents the forming of thrombin and platelets aggregation. Separation Gel (for available models) is added to separate plasma from blood cells, hich can enhance the purity of sampled plasma.


The inner wall of the Mediplus® Heparin tubes is coated with spray-dried lithium, ammonium or sodium heparin. The additives are anticoagulants, which block the coagulation cascade and prevent coagulation of the blood sample. Plasma gel tubes contain an inert barrier gel that is present in the bottom of the tube. During centrifugation the barrier gel moves upward to the plasma - cell interface, where it forms a stable barrier separating the plasma from cells. Mediplus® Plasma Tubes with Gel improve the plasma yield and enable plasma to be left in the primary tube.

Centrifugation Instructions: ≤1300g for 10 minutes at 25°C room temperature.


Lithium Heparin (w/ Separation Gel for available models)


Invert and back the collected sample 8 to 10 times. For centrifugation, run the sample at ≤ 1300g for 10 minutes. For tubes with Gel, run the sample at 1300-2000g for 10 minutes.


Product CodeSize
AdditivesMaterialCap ColorPacking
(Box/Case Qty)
VP304113 x 753Lithium HeparinPETGreen100/1000
VP404113 x 754Lithium HeparinPETGreen100/1000
VP504213 x 1005Lithium HeparinPETGreen100/1000
VP604213 x 1006Lithium HeparinPETGreen100/1000
VP904316 x 1009Lithium HeparinPETGreen100/1000

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Blood Collection Tube
Blood Collection Tube

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