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SST (Gel) Tubes

Blood Collection Tube

SST (Gel) Tubes - Blood Collection Tube. SST with Gel Tubes

SST with Gel Tubes (Blood Collection Tube)

These blood collection tubes are generally used to seperate serum from blood cells, thus preserving the biochemical characteristics of serum for accurate test results.


SST separation gel and clot accelerator. Our separation gel is made of inert, high purity material, which is stable physically and chemically. The gel can withstand high temperatures, normally over 90°C, so that it can prevent changes in biochemical characteristics due to high temperatures during transportation. The molecular weight of the gel falls between serum and blood cells; therefore, after centrifugation, no substance exchange between serum and the blood cells will occur. The goal is to maintain biochemical properties and composition of the serum after a long period of time. Since the molecular weight of the separating gel is homogeneous, it prevents small molecular substances from coming to the surface of the serum.


Invert and back the collected sample 5 to 6 times. For centrifugation, run the sample at 1300-2000g for 10 minutes.


Product Code Size
Additives Material Cap Color Packing
(Box/Case Qty)
VP3531 13 x 75 3.5 SST (Gel) PET Yellow 100/1000
VP4031 13 x 75 4 SST (Gel) PET Yellow 100/1000
VP5032 13 x 100 5 SST (Gel) PET Yellow 100/1000
VP6032 13 x 100 6 SST (Gel) PET Yellow 100/1000
VP8033 16 x 100 8 SST (Gel) PET Yellow 100/1000
VP8533 16 x 100 8.5 SST (Gel) PET Yellow 100/1000

Technical lndicators of Coagulant & Coagulant w/ Separation Gel

Vacuum Rate
Coagulation Speed
Clot Constriction Hemolysis Time
Sample Preservation Time
Storage Temperature
of Empty Tubes
Coagulant ≤5% 10-20 min 30-60 min 72 H > 72H 0-45 °C
Separation Gel w/
≤5% 10-20 min 30-60 min 72 H > 72H 0-45 °C

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