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Fluoride Oxalate Tubes

Blood Collection Tube

Fluoride Oxalate Tubes - Blood Collection Tube. Fluoride Oxalate Tubes

Fluoride Oxalate Tubes (Blood Collection Tube)

These blood collection tubes are generally used for glucose tests. Sodium Fluoride and Oxalate are added to decrease enzymatic activity and glucose metabolism in collected sample.


Both sodium fluoride and iodoacetate are used in Mediplus® Glucose Tubes as glycolysis inhibitors to preserve glucose when combined with an anticoagulant such as EDTA, potassium oxalate or heparin. The tubes are suitable for determining glucose and lactate.

Centrifugation Instructions: ≤1300g for 10 minutes at 25°C room temperature.


Sodium Fluoride and Oxalate


Invert and back the collected sample 8 to 10 times. For centrifugation, run the sample at ≤1300g for 10 minutes.


Product Code Size
Additives Material Cap Color Packing
(Box/Case Qty)
VP2091 13 x 75 2 Fluoride Oxalate PET Grey 100/1000
VP3091 13 x 75 3 Fluoride Oxalate PET Grey 100/1000
VP4091 13 x 75 4 Fluoride Oxalate PET Grey 100/1000

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Blood Collection Tube
Blood Collection Tube

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